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Log Wall Package Pricing

Our log wall pricing tools below are so flexible, you to change parts of your estimate allowing you to alter over all area and price. We have three methods of estimating cost for you to choose from. You can choose to price by area (option 1) , by dimensions (option 2) or by the sum of all the rooms (option 3). Built into each tool you can add log home extras and elect to include a loft. With our company, your loft can't be any larger than 1/2 the main/ground level floor area (this is to ensure structural integrity). With option 1 and option 2 if you should elect for a loft, the maximum loft area is your default area. i.e. a main/ground level floor area of 1,500 sq ft, your loft would be 750 sq ft.
In option 3 we have included a small calculation (inserted into the final price) that takes into account area needed for such spaces as closets, halls and stairs. After reviewing several floor plans we’ve discovered these spaces account for approximately 20% of the floor plan. This calculation now brings option 3 closer to estimates produced by our option 1 and option 2 pricing tools. For final prices please always contact us directly with your details.
Included in our pricing tools are pop-up captions to help you along the way. We would like to remind you that each pricing tool is independent and may have several components. We would also like to emphasize that these prices is for your log wall package. Meaning, other elements of a log home are the home owners responsibility. We are including a list of other elements of your log home and this list is not promised to be inclusive. For example, other elements of your log home may include: building lot, foundation, sub-floor and finished flooring, masonry items (such as fireplaces, bricks, steps etc), ceiling insulation and vapor barriers, flooring, drywall, doors, windows, cabinetry, roof, decks, heating & cooling systems, electrical materials, plumbing materials, appliances, water supply, sewer system, landscaping, legal advice, etc.
Finally, before you begin pricing your log wall package, experiment with our pricing tools. For example, if you find your total floor area becomes to large but a loft is a must, tweak the main/ground level floor area and see how other components change and how this alters the price. We want to break the misconception that all log homes are expensive.

Option 1 - Price by Area

Option 2 - Price by Dimensions

Option 3 - Price by the Sum of all Rooms

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