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Points why our Stockade Style Log Homes are an obvious choice when deciding to build a log home.

  • "Water beads and quickly drains to the ground!"

    After a rain a stockade style log wall is often dry, protecting it from the effects of stagnant water and eventually mold or decay. This drying occurs simply because the rain runs down the length of the wall log to the ground.

  • "Logs twist as they dry!"

    The drying and slight twist of wall logs is a natural occurrence in any log home. When a log home is newly built the logs are green (freshly harvested) making the structure tight (logs fitting close together); but over time as the logs dry areas may open-up due to settling and twisting. With a stockade style log wall; logs are separate, grooved on all sides and locked together by wood splines. These splines act as a locking device which gives the wall strength as well as a secondary air stop. Shorter logs generally do not twist as much as longer logs; but if they do twist there is room for it.

  • "Durability & the Ease of Repair!"

    The aftermath of extreme weather may leave your log home with a few blemishes or damage to a section of a wall. Repair to a stockade log style log wall could not be easier, in the case of a single damaged log it can be pulled out and a new one reinstalled. If the damage is much more extensive many logs can be replaced in the same manner.

  • "No Wall Length Limitations!"

    Stockade style log walls are not limited to the normal 30ft wall lengths as found in traditional style log walls. Wall logs are positioned side by side, locked together with wood splines, allowing for longer straight continuous walls. This allows for larger rooms for such design options as an open concept design. Retail and commercial businesses now have the option to have their show rooms, studios or galleries constructed with log to give their clients and customers that warmer and more rich atmosphere that only log can provide.

  • "Affordable!"

    There is a misconception that log homes are not affordable. On average our stockade style log homes are priced 25% less than traditional style log homes. Cost savings can be contributed to an increased efficiency at our log yard and the availability of quality logs; all because the logs are shorter.

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