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Points why our Traditional Style Log Homes are an obvious choice when deciding to build a log home.

  • "Notch Choice!"

    We produce the Scandinavian scribed log wall with your choice of saddle notch or compressed saddle notch". Whichever notch you chose it is still the joint that makes the corners where two logs pass each other at 90 degrees. (scarfed)

    • Saddle Notch allows the notches to settle tighter to one another with fewer hang ups.
    • Compressed Saddle Notch is similar to the saddle notch except for the scribe at the notch is less then the lateral scribe. By doing this the lateral cuts may be open during the building process and possibly for the first few years; but as the logs settle the lateral gaps close.

  • "Desirable!"

    A symbol of the North American frontier; far removed from the crude structures of the past. Today's Log homes are as unique as their owners, enhanced by modern architecture and the character of their wood grain and colour. Log homes have been become symbols of independence, success and self-sufficiency.

  • "Less maintenance than conventional homes!"

    Log homes generally have less need for maintenance than conventional homes. This is great news for those in their retirement years and young families on the go. In addition, the ease of maintenance translates to additional long-term savings.

  • "Retain their value"

    Looking at your log home through an investment lense, the return has been known to double in value over 10 years.

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