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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Listed below is our list of frequently asked questions. Click a question to zoom to the answer.
Question: I have discovered the price of a log package is not the final price of the log home. Please explain?
Answer: The approximate final price of a log home is three (3) to four (4) times the price of the log package.

Question: Can you provide me with information on your log home kits? Prices/pictures?
Answer: We sell custom handcrafted log home packages and not basic log home kits. Our custom handcrafted log homes are priced based on their square footage; if you know the square footage of the structure you wish to build I can provide you with a price. For pictures; click stockade for stockade style log homes and click traditional for traditional style log homes.

Question: How many years of experience do your project manager/craftsmen bring to a project?
Answer: Our professional log home craftsmen have over 13 years of experience in log home construction.

Question: What does stockade mean in reference to a log home?
Answer: The word stockade refers to the log positioned vertically or upright.

Question: I live in Europe and I own vacation property in Nova Scotia; can you build me a log home?
Answer: You are not alone; we have had many enquiries of the same nature. We would be happy to help. We offer general contractor services where we will communicate with you on all aspects and progress of construction.

Question: Are log homes constructed on site like conventional houses?
Answer: Not exactly, the log home shell (framing) is handcrafted at our log yard and then transported by truck to your job site. There, the home is reassembled on a foundation and finished by completing the interior work and roof.

Question: Are log homes more expensive then conventional homes?
Answer: It all depends on what style of log home you want and what extras you want with the package! For a basic stockade style package it's about the same price as a conventional home of the same dimensions.

Question: What variety(s) of wood (log) do you use in your log homes?
Answer: We use spruce, fir and pine. The variety really depends on the style of log home.

Question: Is there much maintenance to a log home?
Answer: There is very little maintenance to a log home. However, depending on the style of log home its requirement for maintenance will differ. A log home requires stain. We do not recommend paint!!!

  • For stockade style log homes, a product called energy seal is applied to the logs where they join. This comes with the package and is easily installed.

  • For traditional log homes, screw jacks are used to keep the structure level as it settles. Depending on the climate (no set schedule) it is recommended to do this twice a year to be on the safe side. Trim boards around windows and doors may also have to be cut back after the house has settled.

Question: Is it more expensive to insure a log home?
Answer: Yes in most cases insurance is more expensive compared to a conventional home. It's best to check with your insurance company before building to make sure they will insure you; and for what price.

Question: What is the "R value" of log homes?
Answer: The "R value" is low, around 6; but don’t let this fool you. Logs are rated more on thermal heat then R value. When a log gets warm it stays warm for a long time unlike drywall (Gyprock), providing more heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

Question: Do you ship your log homes to PEI (Canada)?
Answer: Yes, we ship our log homes to PEI. Just contact us for details; we will deliver to anywhere in Atlantic Canada.

Question: Can I provide you with a floor plan to see if you can build it from logs?
Answer: Yes, we will look over your plans and advise how we can help you best.

Question: Does the customer or do you build/assemble your log wall packages?
Answer: As a base service with our log packages, we provide supervision during the assembly process. However, assembly can be left to the responsibility of the customer if requested. Please contact us for details.

Question: Can the ceiling of a stockade style log home be higher than 8 feet? I was hoping to have 10 or 12 foot ceilings.
Answer: Yes, the ceiling can be higher than 8 feet. Our log packages are custom and handcrafted so we can produce whatever our customer desires.

Question: How are the wall logs secured in your stockade style log home?
Answer: After they are erected, the wall logs are secured by spiking them to the top and bottom plates. Also the plates and logs are notched on abutting surfaces and a wood spline is inserted, locking the logs into place.

Question: Can I have my second story (loft) the same square footage as my main level?
Answer: Most second stories (lofts) are half the square footage of the main level.

Question: What kind of timeline could I expect from your company if I wanted a log home built?
Answer: Timelines are different for each style (stockade/traditional) of log home, it can take anything from two (2) to eight (8) months to build a log home.

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